February 20, 2018

Top Gadgets For Your Smart Phone November 2017

Top Gadgets For Your Smart Phone November 2017

Top Gadgets For Your Smart Phone

Walli – The Smart Wallet | £89.99 | The Fowndry

Walli the Smart Wallet is the high tech way to carry your cards and cash – constantly connected to  your phone so you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again.

Leaving the house? Say goodbye to the old phone/wallet pat-down with Walli, the intelligent wallet that’s in constant communication with your phone. Connected via Bluetooth to the Walli smartphone app, this smart travel wallet triggers an alert on your phone if it ever gets left behind – and even gives you a handy map to its location.

Flic Smart Button | £31.99 | The Fowndry

Flic Wireless Smart Button can remotely control all sorts of functions on your smart devices. Everything is connected. Like the small, squidgy conductor of your smart device orchestra, this clever little nubbin can be programmed to instantly trigger a tonne of features on your smart devices.

AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case | £69.99 | The Fowndry

AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case has a slimline and super-efficient dynamo built in for charging your mobile by hand anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Simply put, the hard-protective case not only charges your phone but also protects from those accidental drops.

X-Connect Charging Cable | £24.99 |The Fowndry

The ASAP X-Connect by The Fowndry is the world’s first cross-compatible magnetic cable, allowing you to connect your smartphone or USB gadget t your cable quickly and seamlessly. It attached to three different 18k gold plated tip types to work with all Apple and Android gear.

Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock | £59.99 | The Fowndry

Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock is the lock of future – controlled wirelessly and automatically from your smartphone or tablet! When you get close this cool app-controlled padlock unlocks automatically, granting you access to your shed, bike or biscuit cupboard like an obliging concierge.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock | £129.99 | The Fowndry

Resembling something you might use to shackle The Hulk, LINKA Smart Bike Lock by the Fowndry is the world’s first auto unlocking, hard-mounted smart bike lock, and since its controlled by your phone, you’ll never need to carry a key again!

Animal Bluetooth Speaker | £12.99 | The Fowndry

Animal Mini Bluetooth Speakers from The Fowndry are the portable, affordable and adorable speakers for taking your music and mobile calls on the move. Not only does each speaker give you a commendable two Watts of woof on the move, it works as a hands-free speaker for your mobile phone too.

Cable Factory | £12.99 | The Fowndry

Cable Factory is the desktop cable tidy and smartphone charging dock that brings post-industrial revolution efficiency to your workstation. Turn your desktop into a powerhouse of productivity with Cable Factory.

Fingerthing Smartphone Stand | £12.99  | The Fowndry

Fingerthing Smartphone Stands by The Fowndry are chunky silicone office accessories for rebels, rockstars and radicals at heart. An office accessory like no other, the Finger Smartphone Stand sticks one rubber digit up to convention.

Boogie Board Jot 8.5″ Tablet| £9.99 | The Fowndry

Write all the notes, lists, minutes, reminders and doodles you need without wasting paper with the new electronic, erasable Boogie Board Jot 8.5″ Tablet.

We all love to doodle. Leave a notepad anywhere and you can be sure it’ll end up jotted on – from shopping lists, memos and phone numbers; to maps, diagrams and meaningless squiggles. But consider all that wasted paper! In every home and office, every day. Mountains of the stuff! Or perhaps we should say ‘rainforests’. But the Jot Boogie Board has signalled an end to all that.

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