BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD Review

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BIOSTAR G300 Series SSD Review. Better known as a brand that offers motherboards, they’ve recently branched into new directions, including storage. The G300 series, and the S100 series aimed at those on a tighter budget. These drives from G300 series, are aimed towards gamers, wanting their game to load as quick as possible, for a reasonable asking price. We have the 240GB model, but BIOSTAR offers 120 & 480GB options too. Speeds of 550/480 on this model.

I was unable to locate any stock on the day of review, but BIOSTAR has informed me the product will carry an MSRP of just 44 dollars, upon launch.

 [Specification & Features]

Expand To Read Features
Form Factor2.5″
Weight(up to)53g
Max. Read550MB/s
Max. Write480MB/s
Operating Temperature0~70°C
Operation SystemsWindows/Linux/Mac

Courtesy of BIOSTAR. Read more HERE

[A Closer Look]

The product package from BIOSTAR is very enticing. Super clean and crisp, from the front side we’re shown a sneak glimpse of the product, and notice the checkered flag, a sign this is from their gaming range. Around the edges and the back side, we find key and important importance about the product. The warranty is 3 years.

The actual drive is just 6.8mm thick, compared to the more common 7mm standard, for ultrabooks and such. The decision to shrink it down, renders installation easier, and less likely to scratch. BIOSTAR have opted for a simple black cover and clean branding on top.  Inside the drive, as BIOSTAR didn’t mention it anywhere on their site, we found a Silicon Motion SM2256 controller.

[Test Setup and Results]


Proudly Powered by our Dimastech Mini V1.0 Test Bench


Intel® i5 4670K

Memory:Kingston HyperX Beast 2400Mhz 8GB
Motherboard:MSI Z97 GAMING 7
Video Card: MSI Radeon 270X Gaming
PSU:CoolerMaster  v750
Hard Drives:
OS:Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit

We would like to thank or sponsors for their support with our test systemKingston,Dismatech,Cooler Master,Noctua and MSI


CrystalDiskMark is a disk benchmark software. It measures sequential reads/writes speed, measure random 512KB, 4KB, 4KB (Queue Depth=32) reads/writes speed, select test data (Random, 0Fill, 1Fill), provide theme support and Multi-Language support

Download for free


As I explain in every storage review. It’s beneficial to understand what any up-to claim, on the box actually means in the real world. It is where the confusion usually stems from, with products of this nature. Some users feel misled and often annoyed, that the product won’t operate and speed X, under scenario Y.

To be fair BIOSTAR have been very clear in the specification, they say the product can hit up to 550/480MB/s in SOME scenarios.

We make use of the inbuilt option to switch between data types. Both compressible and in- compressible, something that separates one SSD to the next, great to see the  Silicon Motion SM2256 has no issue with either


As the industry’s leading provider of high-performance storage connectivity products, ATTO has created a widely accepted Disk Benchmark freeware utility to help measure storage system performance. Disk Benchmark identifies performance in hard drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays as well as connections to storage


Atto Biostar

With ATTO, we’re able to see the bigger picture as it works with multiple files sizes from small to large. In the real world this shows how a product would handle copying a range of sizes, and different data types.

The G300 delivers insanely fast performance across the board! Matching and bettering the claimed speeds.

[AS SSD Benchmark]

as-ssd-bench BIOSTAR G300-240 31-Aug-16 9-41-48 AM

Like Crystal Mark, we don’t hit those claimed numbers but are mightily close.

Delving deeper, with sub testing, we find no weak spots to mention. Solid performance for the asking price

[Conclusion [TL:DR]]

So then it’s time to wrap up and deliver a verdict. It’s a short and easy conclusion here, the product looks great and performs exceptionally too. The no-nonsense sleek black shell is impressive, easy to match with any system/components.  The current range of 120-480GB is a solid entry, but I do hope they expand offer bigger drives in the future.

No stock to found in the UK, but BIOSTAR is aiming for a $44 MSRP, which translates into great value for the capacity to speed ratio. As it stands, if you can find one, you should certainly consider it for your next build or upgrade.

Well done BIOSTAR!

We would like to thank BIOSTAR for providing the review sample and look forward to bring more content shortly


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