ASUS ROG Gladius II Mouse Review

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ASUS ROG Gladius II Mouse Review. Today we explore the updated and tweaked version of the original Gladius. While the first version is still a very able mouse, tech moves forwards, and quickly in the realm of peripherals, especially e-sports related products.

Launched back in 2014, By today’s standard it was outdated, and ASUS decided to it was time for an overhaul so…que the Gladius II, sporting a new 12k DPI sensor, improved lighting and better design for swapping out the switches.

Lighting has seen the biggest change, moving away from a single tone and now offers full AURA sync support, allowing a plethora of effects and unlimited color choice. This can and should be used in conjunction with compatible ASUS products, when possible for the best experience.

Pricing of any mouse is key, and on the day of review, we found a pre-order price of just £79.99  (NA in the US at the time of writing), Which when you factor in the tech inside, the bundle and features, is damn good value!


[ASUS ROG Gladius II Mouse Features]

Ergonomic optical gaming mouse optimised for FPS gaming featuring easy-swap switch socket, Aura Sync RGB lighting and DPI target thumb button

  • Exclusive easy-swap switch socket design offers customisable click resistance and extends the lifespan of the mouse
  • Customisable ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting
  • DPI button to toggle sensitivity, while the DPI target thumb button provides short instances of precision
  • Omron switches with 50-million-click durability, plus two extra Japanese-made Omron switches for a different feel
  • Advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor, 250 IPS, 50g acceleration and 1000Hz USB polling rate for fast and accurate tracking
  • Detachable cable and ROG travel pouch for convenient portability and storage
  • Exclusive ROG Armoury interface for easy customisation of button, performance and lighting setting
Connectivity TechnologyWired
OS SupportWindows® 10
Windows® 8.1
Windows® 7
DimensionsL 126 x W 67 x H 45 mm
Weight110 g without cable
Interface availableMouse : USB
Contents1 x 2-meter braided USB cable
1 x 1-meter regular rubber USB cable
2 x Japanese-made Omron switches
1 x ROG pouch
1 x ROG logo sticker
Compatible switch list for ROG switch socket:-Omron D2F Series switches: D2F, D2F-F, D2F-01, D2F-01F
-Omron D2FC Series switches: D2FC-3M, D2FC-F-7N, D2FC-F-7N(10M), D2FC-F-7N(20M)

Courtesy of ASUS

[nextpage title=”Packaging & Accessories”]

Packaging is similar to that what we’ve seen on the recent motherboards. A super clean and enticing design, and right off the bat, the RGBfeaturess makes its mark.

Around the backside, again ultra clean and minimal.

Box edges show features with images and minimall text, take note competition!



At 80 pounds I didn’t expect anything extra, but inside you’ll find a carry pouch, documentation, additional switches, ROG badge and two cables.


The shorter of two is 1 metre in length, and rubberisied. The longer is 2metres, and features a solid braid.ASUS-ROG-GLADIUS-II-REVIEW-15


[nextpage title=”First Look”]


ASUS has wisely decided to leave the original shape intact, but the internal changes have shaved away 6g from the overall weight. The form will work with either palm or claw users.  As shown earlier we have two options for cable, one rubber and the other braided. This should please both camps, as each offers a different level of feel and resistance.

We suspect the shorter of the two is intended for LAN events and such, the underside features a locking mechanism, to avoid cable slippage during frantic gaming sessions.



The backside on the product is one of the three areas that have had been AURA sync enabled, and each can set to match your tastes. The other from the scroll wheel, and lastly from the product base edge.

Being an upgraded or enhanced version, ASUS have tweaked the internals but also made a key addition on the exterior too.

While the  right side stays as it was, the left now features a sniper button.

Press it down to decrease sensitivity; this will prove vital with FPS games.  The two original back/forward button are placed, as they were in the past, and we found them exceptional for both those, with smaller or larger hands.

As a user that doesn’t make use of such feature often. I did find myself accidently pressing it on the first few days of testing, its a touch sensitive for my liking.



The scroll wheels feature the same STRIX/Mayan style texture, which we find on the mouse edges, providing comfort and grip. It’s well balanced regarding resistance and feel.

The left and right clickers are completely separate, avoiding any accidental pressing or overclicking of either, during your gaming sessions.

The center section has a high glossy finish and as shown, is magnetic to finger prints! Behind the wheel, you’ll find the DPI selector, which like the scroll, feel and responds well.



On the underside, we find access to the new internal’s and actually opening it up, is a straightforward affair. You could argue clips or catches would have been more efficient, but over time you want something more robust and long lasting.


The default switches are Omron D2FC-F-K, and ASUS have also bundled Omron D2F-01F if you wanted something with a different feel and level of resistance


We’ve talked about AURA sync often since its wide spread appearance on motherboards and graphics cards. The software ranks as our current favorite, due its simplicity and amount of choice, As shown below in the video, we have 3 zones, and usage is a breeze.

[nextpage title=”Conclusion – TL:DR”]

The Gladius II was the right choice to update. Launching back in 2014 it quickly became a fan favorite, and while it may be tempting to purchase that one in 2017, as it can be found for as low as 40 pounds, I’d urge you to take the v2 instead for the obvious reasons. While it is still a decent mouse, this is so much more able…

The new 12k sensor is a joy to work with, on cloth or desk surfaces, and gaming mats. We tested on a various and found no weak areas to mention. It’s extremely accurate and while most won’t use it to its full potential, having it on tap just incase, is reassuring and renders it future proof.

The decision to leave the shape alone, again we’re OK with that, it a V2 after all, not a side product. Design wise the original looked and felt great for both palm and claw users, the additional sniper button looks and, works well in a real world scenario. Much more than a marketing gimmick, but as said a little sensitive for my liking, with frequent accidental presses on the first few days of use, though proved essential afterward!

Software, as we’ve come to expect from ASUS, is polished to perfection, and the amount of control to settings very impressive. Lighting as with the current wave of AURA sync products, is exceptional. The number of effects is impressive, and each pleasant on the eye. With comet being a favorite of mine.

In the market for a new mouse with the latest tech and beautiful, RGB, with about an 80-pound budget? While we understand the choice is almost limitless,  but this ought to be top of the list.


Thanks to ASUS for sending out the sample for this review.

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