February 20, 2018


[What is Techicize?]

Techicize is an online product review site, that runs from the UK. We provide honest, unbiased and detailed reviews for a whole range of components. Our current focus is a wide spectrum of tech devices.Everything from complete to systems, RAM, Graphics cards, coolers, motherboards and much more.

[Who are we?]

A group of tech enthusiasts. We have a number of writers, each with their own unique backgrounds and area of interest. From PC modders, Gamers, Streamers, mobile enthusiasts.

We aim to provide clear and meaningful information, to ease the burden of finding the right product to match your needs. We treat each product as if it was our own, testing it as thoroughly as possible and sharing our findings. We want to do more than that though, so it does not end there. With the website comment system, and our many social media outlets. We encourage you to engage and ask anything you want.

Have a question? Go ahead and ask, and we’ll get be back to you! See our contact methods here


[Review Process]

Curious how the process works?

Review samples are received and tested for a minimum of 5 days (often much longer) and some products do require longer. This allows us a fair and practical experience with any product, to find strengths and weaknesses. All of our reviews are provided in written format, but we do also produce videos on YouTube to supplement them further on occasion. These videos can demonstrate what text and images cannot.


We are always improving to meet your needs. Since launching  the site, our approach has been revised and improved based on reader feedback. After all that’s what Techicize is all about, providing true, clear and useful content to the reader.  The current product review format consists of:

  • An introduction, specs, availability and pricing
  • First look and examination of product packaging, accessories or any bundled items
  • Up close look at the actual product
  • Explanation of test method and software/hardware used
  • Testing results in the form of charts and detailed explanation.
  • Conclusion and Product Award/Feedback.

The conclusion is a mixture of the factual finding, mixed with our opinions of the product.

[Award Criteria]

Some reviews require a detailed breakdown and lengthy explanations,others less so . The standard layout may be expanded and catered for that one device. However 99.9% of the products we examine, the final score is based around Price, Performance and Design.

These are outlined in a “Score out 10” format, with 10 being the best. We feel this method shows the areas in which a product is strongest or weakest.  These scores are taken into account and complimented further with a Techicize badge, from our Award system.

Some products do warrant more than one award, and once we even had to create an all new award!


We currently have an ongoing blog, if you want to read more about the process or the sites history and plans, in more detail. Check the most entry HERE

[Want to see your product on this site?]

So do we and our readers! Please use our dedicated contact page to let us know and we will discuss the matter further.

[Want to Contribute?]

We currently have slots available for general writers, reviewers and slots for cases modders/builders. Please contact us HERE